Ode to My College-aged Daughter

It can't be that time.
I'm not ready yet.
I thought the years
Would pass slower than that.

It seems I just held you
In my arms the first time.
Beaming with joy
And a tear in my eye.

Now you've grown into
The fine young woman you are.
I certainly couldn't be
More prouder by far.

In the blink of an eye
Those years have passed.
Cherished memories now
That will always last.

It's hard to let go
And watch you take flight
On a path all your own
On this journey called life.

God bless
Love you lots
& P.S. --- text your mom!


  1. Time does go by faster than we think it will when they're little. It did for me, too. (Love your last line!)

  2. Brilliant and moving. I felt the same when my daughter turned 10 last month. Now I realise I should make the most of the years she's still with me.

  3. That was super and touching all in one - particularly liked the last line - poignant!

  4. So sweet and so true! They do grow up fast - and i love the last line, lol, text your mom. Times have changed!

  5. Touching. Particularly the "I'm not ready yet" sounds to heartfelt.

  6. Lovely poem. As they say, time flies.

  7. Ahh so poignant, I love it!

  8. My mum was terribly depressed when my sis and I both left for uni. Now with my own children, I understand the wrench it is going to be....

  9. Charming poem. Do it in text-speak and send it to your daughter as a hint. :)