Decorating the Computer Lab

It's important to create an inviting atmosphere for your students and for yourself since you'll be spending a lot of time there! I found some cute technology themed scrapbooking paper to use around the room for various things. I made signs to put around the room that say things like:
"No Food or Drinks in the Lab"
"Remember to Log Off"
"Clean Up Your Workstation Before Leaving"

I also created these flower pot decorations... They have emoticons, texting lingo, and other techie graphics on them. I just thought they were fun to look at!

I like to let the students see the insides of a Computer, so I took some old parts and created a piece of wall art with them. The CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys and the QWERTY keys are on the poster, so we can talk about their function.

At Christmas, I like to put up some fun bulletin boards. This is one I created based on a sweatshirt that I bought for myself.

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